How to become a product manager ?

The product manager accompanies the various stages of a product's launch from its conception to its sale. The products in question vary greatly depending on the sector of activity in which they work. His role is to propose a product that meets the needs of consumers in order to generate a desire to buy and ensure its profitability. Find out in this article the possible career paths to become a product manager.

Skills required to become a product manager

A product manager has extensive marketing knowledge and a strong commercial awareness. His or her creativity, curiosity, but also analytical skills will enable him or her to offer products that are as close as possible to consumers' expectations. Fluency in English is generally required given the often international dimension of the profession. The product manager is also expected to have good interpersonal skills: he or she is likely to communicate with different trades and profiles from all walks of life. By visiting you will discover other information. 

In addition to a good knowledge of office tools, writing skills will also be appreciated to become a product manager: writing files and communication materials could be part of his missions, among others.

The main missions of the product manager

As part of his duties, the product manager develops a marketing strategy to ensure that the product launched corresponds to the needs and expectations of consumers. To do this, he or she conducts market research, analyzes consumer trends and conducts ongoing competitive intelligence. Throughout the product design process, the product manager navigates between the various departments (production, finance, communication, sales) in order to coordinate the multiple facets of product development.

He/she will have to supervise all the stages of the product's design so that it corresponds perfectly to what has been pre-established in the specifications. Once the product is completed and distributed, he/she can set up the communication campaigns to promote the product on the various existing media (television, poster, radio, sales floor, etc.).