How to get access to 5G?

The 5g is the fifth generation of mobile network. It is new and succeeds the 4th generation called 4 G. Like the previous technologies, the objective of the 5G is to improve even more the existing services and to develop new ones. The 5 G was launched in France on November 18, 2020 and it will be available initially only in major cities. How to get access to 5 G?

Being eligible for 5 G

The first condition to have 5 G is to be in a zone or city covered by 5 G. Only then will you be able to receive the 5G signal. For the moment, the 5 G is only present in a few large cities and towns in France. In addition, not all mobile operators turn on their 5 G at the same time in all cities.

Having a 5 G package

To have 5 G the second condition is to take a 5 G package. Logical, you will say. But it is still important to remember. The various mobile operators offer packages that will allow you to enjoy the 5 G. These packages generally have a slightly higher cost compared to the 4 G subscription. In France, operators claim that this increase is due to the contribution of data and new services.

Having a 5G compatible phone

This is the very last condition to take advantage of 5G. If your smartphone is not 5G compatible, you will be forced to buy another one. In fact, it's a question of frequency and not all smartphones are compatible with all frequencies. The 5 G has different frequencies than the 4 G. So 4 G smartphones will not be compatible with it. But 5 G smartphones will be compatible with 4 G.

You now know how to see the 5 G. So comply with these conditions and enjoy it.