Three tips for visiting Disney World on a student budget

We can all agree that there is nothing more entertaining than a trip to the "Vacation Kingdom of the World." However, every year, prices increase dramatically, making a small Disney vacation expensive. Keep reading for the best tips when looking for the best deal when visiting Disney World.

Take the tour during off-peak seasons

To be honest, there's nothing like visiting a Disney park during vacations and festivals, especially since it's break time for students. However, this is a time when the crowds are larger and the rates can also be higher. So, the best time to go to Disney is actually in the spring or winter. Not only will you be able to save money on things like food and lodging, but with fewer people wandering around, you're more likely to enjoy the experience much more.

Enjoy the free activities available

Disney World is a place that has so much to offer with so much more to discover than the parks themselves. Before you arrive at Disney, do plenty of research on all the amazing free things you can enjoy. Some of the awesome activities can be enjoyed for free at all the different parks.

Plan each day of your trip

This may not seem so obvious to everyone, but planning every part of your Disney trip is very important. Disney World can be extremely overwhelming, especially if it's your first time, between the meals, characters, stores, shoes and rides. While it may seem tedious to plan everything in advance, trust us, you will be doing yourself the biggest favor. For example, make a list of all the rides you want to try. Download the Disney app to track ride wait times, manage your FastPass + reservations, and a map of all available parks at the touch of a button so you can plan the best walking route. We also suggest that you choose where to have lunch and dinner in advance so you can guarantee those reservations at the most popular restaurants.