What are the steps to get VisiTax?

Many countries are the subject of tourism these days because of the beauty of their landscape and some of their cities. Most of these countries set up taxation systems that are required to all travelers wishing to set foot on their territory. This is the case of Quintana Roo in Mexico which has implemented a tourist tax in the country. Find out in this article how to get VisiTax for your stay in the Caribbean.

Fill out the online application form

In April of the year 2021, the Mexican government created a tourist tax that is applicable to all foreigners wishing to stay in Quintana Roo. If you wish to obtain Visitax, you will only have to follow three quick and succinct steps. However, the first step is to fill out the online application form. Go to the official Visitax website. The form that is submitted to you has information that you should fill in. This information includes your full name, passport number, age and email address.

Proceed to the payment of the tax

The second step to get your receipt is the payment. The transfer is done either by credit card, bank transfer or by PayPal if you prefer the electronic way. You also have the option to pay in cash. Payment can be made at the beginning, during or at the end of your stay. The funds collected are used to improve and perfect the stay of visitors to the Caribbean.

Receive the unique QR code

After the payment, you will receive an hour later a unique code in the email address you provided when filling out the form. This code is to be kept jealously as it will be claimed at the airport before you enter Quintana Roo.